Post Guidelines

The content that we look for from our contributors must have at least one of the four below pillars at the heart of its intention. Please use this as a guide as you write your story.


Examples: Share an unforgettable memory from the past that has shaped who you are and how you think today; describe what or whom challenges you, amuses you or inspires your thoughts and actions.


Examples: Write about an activity, project or hobby that you are passionate about; give readers an insight into how you live creatively and/or why artistic endeavours are important in your life.


Examples: Tell of an experience that has had a profound spiritual impact on your life; share your life philosophies, values, hopes for the world.


Examples: Recommend something that you’ve read, watched or listened to that has moved you; share your knowledge/opinion on a certain topic; or discuss a particular issue that interests you.

Please also note that content is to be original and written specifically to first appear on the Sisters & Stuff website. Any existing content that has been re-purposed will not be accepted and/or removed.

Content will remain property of the creator, but with original publishing rights held by Sisters & Stuff. After initial publication on our website, the creator is permitted to share their content across other platforms under the use of the Creative Commons licence.

Email your post submissions to, or complete the form below to receive feedback on your story idea!