Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, sisters Eira Joy and Ezra May are almost inseparable, even despite their 8-year age gap. They’ve been mistaken for twins before but as much as they have in common (namely, their passions for music and food), their different personalities, experiences and perspectives on life provide the perfect balance when it comes to teamwork.

Sisters & Stuff was born out of a need for a creative platform where the sisters could express everything that keeps them motivated in life, all in the one place. Their varied interests and dreams are embedded in the content that they create and they believe that by sharing what inspires your own self, you create the opportunity to empower someone else.

Eira Joy and Ezra May’s hope for Sisters & Stuff is to provide an open, dynamic and collaborative environment where women from all over the world are encouraged to share their knowledge, talents and personal stories.

Eira Joy Aringay

Over the last 10 years, Eira Joy has dabbled in all sorts of roles within the media industry, from journalism to broadcast sales; video producing to strategy and marketing. What has been the constant amidst it all, is her love for writing and words. >>

Ezra May Aringay

Ezra May is passionate about all things creative and all things entertainment. Working as a content producer for events, design and social media projects for over the past 5 years, her love for creating content is as strong as ever.  >>