A Note from Eira Joy

I have been passionate about writing ever since I was a child.

I remember stapling bits of scrap paper together and using a grey-lead pencil to write stories and sketch illustrations which I happily shared with others.  Perhaps more tellingly, this meant I could produce tangible keepsakes for myself – creative artefacts if you will – stemming from my own imaginations and inspirations. I knew then that I loved to document and make things; that this internal process was cathartic and almost inevitable and integral to my experience of ‘growing up’.

I dabbled in all sorts of ‘creating’ throughout my childhood, I choreographed dances with school friends, hosted a pretend radio show (recorded on my cassette player) and wrote poetry in my secret journal.  

Then as a teenager, acknowledging this great passion for writing, I made the decision that I would become a serious newspaper journalist.

Most of my high school years were spent focusing on that goal.  I undertook the right subjects, internships and volunteer experience to get me there.  That is, before the worlds of music and film became my most fascinating distraction.

I lived for such endeavours which allowed me to explore these glamorous non-human loves; the singing, dancing, playing music and making music, watching movies and making movies and collaborating with others who loved to do the same.

Writing as I had known it, somehow took a back-step to it all.  It would resurface every now and then through unexpected bursts of inspiration, but I had naturally foregone the journalistic dream.  Then somewhat regretfully, so did the filmmaking dream seem to dissipate (though the optimist in me says it’s never too late!)

I found my feet in my mid-twenties, though on relatively unfamiliar ground.  Media Sales and Advertising was not quite something I had planned or had known much about. Essentially, I viewed it as the business side of the creative industry that I knew that I loved.

Working in the business of television opened up a whole new slate of experiences for me, experiences which uncovered other passions and skills which would have otherwise stayed dormant.  Such things as broadcast media trading, revenue generation, integrated media solutions, implementation and campaign management; even extending to team development, mentorship, strategic marketing and consulting.

Now in my thirties, I can appreciate all that has led me to this point, simply because I’ve realised that the paths I have previously explored have helped shaped who I am today.  Though I still have fair way to go, I have learned to identify some key truths which lead to a fulfilled life. The letter P, somehow becoming something of great significance:

Truths to embrace: Passion, People, Philosophy.

Truths to unlock: Purpose, Potential, Possibility.

Truths to practice: Patience, Positivity, Peace.

It is in moments like these when I reflect on words and their power to transform thoughts and actions that I realise, my love for writing never really left me.  I didn’t need to necessarily build a professional career out of it, rather, I just needed to embrace how I could live creatively through it.

My music, media projects, this blog – these are vehicles that drive my passion for writing and so long as I’m behind the wheel, I can decide where I want to go next.

You my friends, whom are blessed enough to be reading this on your computer or mobile device, also have the same opportunity to take control of your creative future and contribute to something beautiful and meaningful in your time here on earth.

May Sisters & Stuff also be a vehicle for you to raise your voice and share your story – we could all really use some more light on this road.



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