“I have realised that ‘womanhood’ is not an excuse nor a justification, but a creative power at our disposal, to be used wisely, freely and intentionally in the best ways that each of us, as unique individuals, chooses to use it.”

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Pet Cactus

“There’s a lot of pressure being eighteen. At eighteen, you have to act like an adult, which meant that you take everything in stride; you are understanding; you will not cry; you will be graceful, elegant, and mature.”
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Behind A Lens

“Photography holds a special place in my heart. It is my outlet when I feel like speaking will not justify my passion for something, someone or when I find myself with the inability to form words describing my surroundings, an event or situation. ” 
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“There is no greater courage, than learning to fight amidst the darkness. Not only the negative forces around your physical being, but those that can reside in you at your most vulnerable and lowest point.”

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Tiny Voice

“I never won a competition. Unfortunately, this didn’t motivate to work harder. Instead, I perpetuated hate towards everyone and anyone, especially if they were where I wanted to be. I allowed jealousy into my life.”
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